With Promesso you can finally experience a coffee system that is as tasteful and stylish as it is reliable. It offers you the quality you want while giving you the consistency you need. Allowing you to create every personal coffee you can imagine. So, why compromise?

Your personal coffee

The finest selection of 100% arabica beans are at the heart of the outspoken personality of Promesso Blend No. 1. This characterful coffee combines carefully roasted notes and rich aromas for a deep well balanced taste. Allowing you to create every coffee you can imagine,  from a pure espresso to a lavish cappuccino or latte macchiato, without compromise.

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Intuitive and user friendly system

- Machine tells you when and how to refill
- Changing a pack takes less than 1 minute
- Only 1 x per week cleaning required
- Step-by-step instruction on the display

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